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We are proud to announce our participation in this year’s HYPER JAPAN festival, HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021!

HYPER JAPAN is a London-based celebration of Japanese culture, promoting Japanese fashion, food, and traditional arts worldwide. This year, the festival will be entirely online, making it even easier for anyone to attend and enjoy! HYPER JAPAN hosts events run by exhibitors providing both insight into Japanese culture and a chance to connect with Japan via virtual tours and multimedia presentations.

One of HYPER JAPAN’s biggest attractions is the Food and Drink tasting experiences. In partnership with JSS and Eat Japan, HYPER JAPAN offers the legendary Sake Experience, now available online. In the Sake Experience, attendees get the chance to taste unique rice wines rarely available outside of Japan. After booking in advance, participants receive a box containing sake samples and information about the source brewery. Attendees then join a virtual tasting session complete with an overview of sake brewing and virtual brewery tour. Sake enthusiasts can choose samples from four different breweries throughout the month of July. Details and purchase instructions are available on the Sake Experience web page.

JSS also provides online attendees with educational video resources on our exhibitor profile page. These resources include overviews on the history of sake, the brewing process, and tasting and pairing guides. We will update our profile weekly with new content throughout the event to invite more Japanese culture lovers into the extensive world of sake. Online content from JSS requires no advance booking and can be revisited any time throughout the event.

HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021 begins on July 9 and lasts until August 8, 2021. Attendees can access the events via smartphone, tablet, or computer. The full timetable of exhibits and performances is available on the HYPER JAPAN website.

HYPER JAPAN Website: https://hyperjapan.co.uk/online/

Event Timetable: https://hyperjapan.co.uk/online/timetable/

JSS Profile: https://hyperjapan.co.uk/online/exhibitor/jss/

JSS Press Release: https://hyperjapan.co.uk/online/press-release/big-plans-for-hyper-online-sake-cosplay-and-fashion/

Sake Experience: https://hyperjapan.co.uk/online/exhibitor/sake-experience-2021/

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