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Basic How to Store and
Preserve Sake

How to Store and Preserve Sake

Sake changes its color and flavor over time, especially when exposed to direct light and fluctuating temperatures. Therefore, the best way to store sake is in a dark and cool place. With proper care, most sake usually keeps its intended flavor and color for up to a year. However, certain types need more precise temperature control.

Sake drinkers preserve sake similarly to how they store wine, most commonly in a refrigerator, but a cellar also works well. One major difference to wine is that sake bottles are not corked. Because of this, unlike with wine bottles, humidity does not affect the quality of the sake, and it is recommended to store the bottles upright.

How to Store Sake

Storing Sake:
How Do Light and Temperature Affect Sake?

Preserving Sake:
Which Types of Sake Requires More Attention?

Enjoy the Changing Flavors

Proper storage somewhat preserves the qualities of sake. Despite this, it will still constantly change over time. There is no official expiry date on sake. Therefore, experts recommend sake drinkers to enjoy the changing flavors. One can experience the change in taste from a week to even a few months after opening. Read more about the aging of sake on the tastes of sake page.

Enjoy the Ephemerality of the Flavor

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