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Kokushu Digital Museum Pre-Opening Release

The Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association is excited to announce the pre-opening release of a new online resource, the ‘Kokushu Digital Museum’ on July 20th, 2021. This free, digital collection is a media hub for users to learn more about the history and culture of traditional Japanese drinks, ‘kokushu’. ‘Kokushu’ is a collective term that refers to sake, shochu, awamori, and mirin and literally means ‘national alcoholic drink’.

Kokushu is now enjoyed by many people on a global scale. However, with the constantly changing pace of modern society, many traditional and cultural aspects end up overlooked. The main mission of the Kokushu Digital Museum is to preserve the history and legacy of kokushu in the hope of passing down the knowledge and appreciation of the culture on to the next generation.

Pre-Opening Release

As of July 20th, 2021, the pre-opening release of the Kokushu Digital Museum consists of a compilation of video-based media educational resources that outlines the traditional aspects of the culture, production, and regionality of kokushu. An example of resources available in the museum include the following:

・Documentary films that feature the origin, traditional methods, and taste of kokushu.
・Explanatory videos that outline the ingredients, drinking styles, and history of kokushu.
・Brewery tours that introduce brewing and distillation techniques (including VR tours).
・Regional promotional videos that showcase kokushu that are specific to certain areas of Japan.
・Online education course videos that teach the culture of drinking kokushu.
・Commentary videos that discuss popular topics about kokushu in Japan.

In addition to video resources, the museum provides a database of kokushu museums and historical locations around Japan for users who are interested in physically visiting and experiencing the history of kokushu first-hand. This list details a brief introduction to each location, what makes the location unique, and what they offer such as tastings, tours, and other resources.

Grand Opening Release

The ‘Grand Opening’ of the Kokushu Digital Museum is scheduled for ‘Sake Day’ on October 1st, 2021. This release will include the addition of resources that feature kokushu in Edo period ukiyo-e paintings, modern posters, films, and manga works.


Website: https://kokushu-museum.com/en

About the Museum: https://kokushu-museum.com/en/about-kokushu-digitalmuseum/

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