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Kokushu Digital Museum Grand Opening

In celebration of Sake Day 2021, the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association is proud to announce the ‘Grand Opening’ of the Kokushu Digital Museum!

Following the launch of the collection of videos, resources, and the database of kokushu museums for the pre-opening on July 20th, 2021, this recent release comes with an extensive addition of sake-related resources. The Grand Opening is packed with new exhibits that highlight the influence of sake and how it is portrayed in various forms throughout history in Japan such as artwork, media, and more!

What is the Kokushu Digital Museum?

The Kokushu Digital Museum is a free, digital collection and media hub for users to learn more about the history and culture of traditional Japanese drinks, ‘kokushu’. ‘Kokushu’ is a collective term that refers to sake, shochu, awamori, and mirin and literally means ‘national alcoholic drink’.

Kokushu is now enjoyed by many people on a global scale. However, with the constantly changing pace of modern society, many traditional and cultural aspects end up being overlooked. The main mission of the Kokushu Digital Museum is to preserve the history and legacy of kokushu in the hope of passing down the knowledge and appreciation of the culture on to the next generation.

Grand Opening Release

As of October 1st, 2021, the Grand Opening of the Kokushu Digital Museum includes the release of 4 main new categories which include ukiyo-e and sake, advertisements and sake, media and sake, and introductions to producers. In addition, a section featuring sake brewing songs has also been included. Here is a brief introduction to the new exhibits below:

Ukiyo-e and Japanese Sake

An extensive collection of ukiyo-e (woodblock prints), a genre of art that developed during the Edo period that features kokushu. Through ukiyo-e artwork, this exhibition aims to portray the culture of kokushu in Japan from the Edo period to the early Meiji period.

Link: https://kokushu-museum.com/en/ukiyoe/

Sake and Advertisement

A collection of sake advertisements that include signboards, posters, videos, events, and more. Starting from the Edo period, this exhibition aims to showcase how kokushu advertising has evolved throughout history up to the modern era in Japan.

Link: https://kokushu-museum.com/en/ad/

Media and Sake

A selective collection of various forms of media that features kokushu. This exhibition aims to showcase how kokushu plays a significant role in Japanese society through contemporary media works such as movies, manga, TV programs, and documentaries.

Link: https://kokushu-museum.com/en/media/

About the Producers

An exhibition that focuses on showcasing the seldom-acknowledged producers, farmers, and agricultural specialists who make the raw materials used when making kokushu in Japan and how they support the industry.

Link: https://kokushu-museum.com/en/producers/

Sake Brewing Songs (Traditional Production)

An audio collection of audio recordings featuring traditional ‘Sakezukuri Uta’ (sake brewing songs) from brewmaster associations all over Japan.

Link: https://kokushu-museum.com/en/sakedukuri-uta/


Website: https://kokushu-museum.com/en/

About the Museum: https://kokushu-museum.com/en/about-kokushu-digitalmuseum/

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