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Sake Shops: In Houston

Although Japanese sake might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Texas, Houstonians, with their love for multi-faceted cuisine, have grown very fond of it. Whether it is a delicious bowl of Pho, some spicy TexMex, or flavorsome Creole dishes, there is the perfect sake to match it.

So where do you buy sake in Houston? It can be difficult to find a store, as sake is still just a small percentage of most of a shop’s beverage inventory. Often being part of the wine category many do not list it clearly. However, there are some active sake shops in Houston, and of course, options to buy sake online. Let’s have a look at some shops to buy sake in Houston and what they have to offer.

Local Sake Retailers in Houston

Here are some well-known retailers that offer a variety of different styles and brands in the Houston area. Shops are listed in alphabetical order.

SEIWA MARKET Japanese Grocery

experience. They have a subtle selection of sake along with a wide range of Japanese products. The perfect place in case you are planning an all-out Japanese-inspired spread. The ideal shop to visit, even if you are in a hurry. The selection of sake includes a variety of styles and sizes and they are fairly priced.


SEIWA MARKET Japanese Grocery
1801 S Dairy Ashford Ste 116
Houston, TX 77077


With 7 locations in Houston, this small supermarket chain has a large selection of sake. This makes them the perfect playground for newcomers who want to try a variety of styles, and even sake connoisseurs who want to try something new. They have some unusual sake, along with the big brands. Another highlight, they have a wide range of sake available in the smaller 300ml size, great for tasting and experimenting. If you love sake, this should definitely be on your list if you are in town.


5130 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77056

Total Wine & More

Total Wine & More has received a reputation by their loyal customers for having the best value in town. And what’s best, this does not just include the local fare but also includes sake. Great for anyone looking to pick up a bottle or maybe even two, especially as they have a huge assortment of styles and brands. Whether you are looking for an aromatic daigingo or even a sparkling sake, you will find it here easily.


Total Wine & More
2617 W Holcombe Blvd
Holcombe Shopping Center
Houston, TX 77025

Order Sake Online in Houston

These days, many people prefer to shop online, and for good reasons. Online shops are easy to use and they often offer extra information on what sake tastes like and pairs well with. Here’s a look at some online sake shops that deliver in and around Houston. Shops are listed in alphabetical order.


Houston’s favorite delivery service makes sure you can get your favorite tipple delivered right to your doorstep. With a wide selection of sake on their virtual shelves, this is a great place to explore. Their product descriptions are spot on and they even offer pairing notes for each sake. So whether you are new to the world of sake or already know a thing or two, you will enjoy the experience of ordering a bottle and maybe even learn a thing or two.


Tippsy Sake

Tippsy is said to be one of the best-stocked sake shops available online. An easy-to-use virtual shop featuring more than 150 breweries as part of their sake portfolio. And if that is not enough, they go the extra mile providing additional information including taste and pairing notes of each sake, making it an ideal place to shop. So no matter whether you are new to sake or if you are looking to further your knowledge about it, this shop would be a great starting point.

Additionally, either select and buy your bottle of choice or why not sign up for their famous sake subscription box? This is a brilliant opportunity for anyone to explore a variety of sake and the surprise element is hard to beat.


MM Sake

MM Sake is a family business that knows the ins and outs of sake. Their selection of styles and brands is proof of it. Starting as Los Angeles’s largest independent Japanese supermarket in the 1940s it has since been transformed into an online Japanese store. You can find Japanese groceries together with exceptional sake. Everything from craft breweries to bigger labels, great if you are looking to get all you need in one place. The shop is extremely well organized and is sharing a lot of additional information on each sake. Well stocked with a great range of styles and prices available.



Houston is a great city to live in, to eat and these days also to enjoy sake. Whether you prefer going to your local store or finding a bottle online, there are some great places to buy sake in Houston.

So whether you are looking for a floral bottle of Ginjo or an umami-laden Nigori, there really is the perfect sake for any occasion. Or why not just have a look and explore, because as we know, sake is all about discovering and there are certainly plenty of places to do this in Houston.

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