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&Sake: How to Enjoy Sake Digital PDF Release

The Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association has assembled a comprehensive introductory pamphlet to the world of sake. This pamphlet, “& Sake”, is available in the JSS Information Center in Tokyo. However, for those outside of Japan, a digital PDF version is now accessible for download!

The pamphlet includes everything from the most basic, such as sake ingredients, to more advanced topics, like choosing a sake cup. Next, JSS also provides a guide to the different types of sake and how to serve them at different temperatures. Terminology describing taste and aroma, food pairing recommendations, and etiquette guides offer more ways to enjoy sake.

More technical information, like brewing techniques and an explanation on rice polishing rate, offer insight into the sake industry. For cultural buffs, the pamphlet also explains the role of sake in Shinto ceremonies in Japan. After providing crucial background info on sake, the guide finishes with useful terms for ordering sake in restaurants.

UPDATE: &Sake is now available in 6 additional languages! Click here for more information: How to Enjoy Sake Digital PDF Release (6 Additional Language Versions)

Table of Contents

1) Types of Sake
2) How to Taste Sake
3) How to Enjoy Sake at Different Temperatures
4) Sake Manners
5) What’s on the Label
6) Useful Sake Terminology and Labels

PDF Download

To get your copy of the digital PDF version of “& Sake”, click the link below!

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