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Kampai with Sake Week 2021

The Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association proudly presents the “Kampai with Sake Across Japan! 2021” event to celebrate this year’s Sake Day!

Sake Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated with the intent to deepen the understanding and appreciation for Japan’s national drink, sake. The date, the first day of October, references Japan’s traditional calendar system. The character “酉” represented the 10th animal of the Chinese Zodiac and the 10th month of the year. As time progressed, the character became a kanji radical representing a sake bottle, as seen in the character for sake itself, “酒.”

The “Kampai with Sake” campaign begins on September 25th and lasts until October 3rd. Starting August 30th, participants can submit photos of themselves enjoying sake with the hashtag “#kampaiwithsake2021”. Select photos will be published starting September 25th. Ten participants with the best photos will receive a sake drink comparison set containing three bottles of sake. There is also a lottery event for official JSS goods. Visit the submission requirements page on the Kampai with Sake website for more information on qualifying photos.

On October 1st itself, JSS will host an online YouTube LIVE streaming event to connect sake lovers and celebrate sake virtually. Participants can join from home or via events and participating bars and restaurants. The event begins at 17:30 JST with a celebratory “kampai!” at 19:00. A guide to participating bars, restaurants, and affiliated events can be found on the campaign section of the website.

Event Website: ​​https://kampai-sake.jp/en/home/

Participating Restaurant List: https://kampai-sake.jp/en/restaurant-en/

Photo Submission Requirements: https://kampai-sake.jp/en/guidelines-en/

Event List: https://kampai-sake.jp/en/event-en/

Instagram: instagram.com/kampai_sake

Twitter: twitter.com/kampai_sake

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