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Cooking with Sake: Matcha Tiramisu

Enjoy a classic tiramisu with a colorful twist of matcha! Enjoy this Japanese-style sweet with the smooth and rich fragrance of matcha tea! Coat the sponge cake hidden inside with sake for additional umami and to keep the cake moist! (Use nikirizake instead of sake when making this dessert for kids!)

Ingredients (Serving for 2)

2 cuts of sponge cake
100g of cream cheese
(A) 1 tablespoon of sugar
┗ 2 teaspoons of matcha powder
4 tablespoons of unsweetened yogurt
100cc of fresh cream
(B) 2 tablespoons of sugar
┗ 2 teaspoons of Japanese sake
1/2 tablespoon of matcha powder

How to Make: Steps

Step 1:
Mix cream cheese until smooth in a bowl and then add (A). Add yogurt and further mix.

Step 2:
Beat cream and (B) with a whisk until the mixture is the same consistency as (Step 1).

Step 3:
Mix Step 1 and Step 2.

Step 4:
Spread half of the sponge cake to fit the mold, coat with sake, and spread the cream from (Step 3). Top with the remaining sponge cake, then top with another layer of sake and the cream from (Step 3).

Step 5:
Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Step 6:
Using a tea strainer, sprinkle matcha powder on top.

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