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Cooking with Sake: Mango Milk Jelly

The smooth texture is addicting!

Today’s recipe is a dessert for adults. You will love the mixed aroma of mango and Japanese sake mixed with the smooth texture of the jelly.
Adding some sake will add more flavor to the dessert. You can top it on the ice cream, or arrange it any way you like to make it even tastier!
For children, you can replace the sake with nikirizake (sake with its alcohol evaporated) so everyone can enjoy it.

Ingredients (2 Servings)

・250g mango puree
・4 tablespoons of Japanese sake
・30g of condensed milk
・8g of gelatin
・2 tablespoons of water
・2 tablespoons of fresh cream
・A dash of lemon juice
・Whipped cream (For topping)
・A few mint leaves (For topping)

How to Make: Steps

Step 1:
Put gelatin in the water and let it soak.

Step 2:
Put milk and condensed milk in a pan, heat it, and add the gelatin (Step 1) when heated.

Step 3:
Add mango puree to the ingredients (Step 2), mix well, and add fresh cream and lemon juice.

Step 4:
Pour (Step 3) into a container, cool it in the fridge, then decorate the jelly with whipped cream and mint leaves after it has set.
*For children and non-drinkers, replace sake with nikirizake.

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