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Cooking with Sake: Acqua Pazza

Glucosamine! Succinic Acid! Glycine! *

This dish brings out the best from the rich flavor of clams with Japanese sake.
Also, Japanese sake helps keep the moistness of the fish, so the fish stays soft even after being heated when it usually becomes tough.
Moreover, Japanese sake removes the naturally strong odors of fish, so even those who do not like fish can enjoy this dish.

Lastly, using a silicone steamer makes the whole process a lot easier. You can simply cook the dish in the microwave and eat it straight from the steamer.

*Glucosamine is a type of nutrient contained found in ingredients and is an amino sugar created from chondrocytes in the body. It helps reshape worn-down cartilage and prevents it from dissolving in the body.
*Succinic Acid is a fruit acid found from amber that has a unique sourness and flavor.
*Glycine can be found in 1/3 of amino acids that create collagen. It is not only effective for beautifying your skin, but also helps prevent stress and improve your sleep.

Ingredients (2 Servings)

・2 slices white-fleshed fish (e.g. Snapper, Golden eye snapper)
・A pinch of salt
・A pinch of pepper
・6 Shiba shrimp
・8 clams
・1/2 tablespoon of Japanese sake
・1/2 of green onion
・4 cherry tomatoes
・1/4 of red bell pepper
・1/4 of yellow bell pepper
・4 pods of podded peas
・1/2 cup of dashi broth
┗1 teaspoon butter
┗1 teaspoon Japanese sake
┗A dash of lemon juice
┗A pinch of salt
┗A pinch of pepper

How to Make: Steps

  1. Season the whitefish with salt and pepper. Soak the clams in saltwater (not mentioned in the ingredients) to flush out the sand from the clams.
  2. Cut the green onion in 4cm chunks, cherry tomatoes in half, and the red and yellow bell pepper in 5mm slices. Remove the string from the podded peas.
  3. Put the seafood in a silicone steamer, sprinkle some Japanese sake, and add the rest of the ingredients. Pour dashi broth and microwave for 4 minutes. Then, let it steam for 2 minutes.
  4. Heat ingredients (A) to make a sauce.
  5. Once finished steaming, pour the sauce of (step 4) and enjoy the dish.
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