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Cocktail Recipe: Sake x Green Tea (Ryokucha)

Full of vitamins and full marks for healthiness!

This cocktail is a refreshing and trendy way to enjoy two of Japan’s iconic drinks. A recommended choice is to use namazake. In addition, by adding half a teaspoon of green tea powder, you can enhance the richness of the flavor. A cocktail that truly represents the flavors of Japan, this cocktail pairs well with fish dishes such as sushi and sashimi. The green tea helps to hide any odors from the fish and brings out its umami.


A full glass of ice
60ml (Approx.) of sake
60ml (Approx.) of green tea (ryokucha)

How to Make: Steps

Step 1:
Fill a rock glass full of ice and pour in an equal amount of sake and green tea.

Step 2:
Mix carefully! You can change the amount of either green tea or sake to your liking.

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