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Webinar: The Current State of the Sake Industry

This webinar is aimed at people who are making efforts to popularize sake overseas, and will be held for the purpose of sharing information and the awareness of problems by examining the current state of the sake industry from various perspectives using the latest statistics.

We sincerely hope that everyone in the world who works with sake in some capacity will participate in this webinar, share the current problems and future possibilities, and work together for a better future for sake.

  • Date : Tuesday, May 25th , 2021 8:00PM-9:15PM USA/Eastern Time
  • Date : Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 9:00AM-10:15AM Japan Time

Webinar #1

  • JSS and the overall state of the sake industry (10 min.)
  • Speaker: Yoshiro Okamoto (Vice president of JSS)

Topics to be covered include: The members of JSS, Prefectural map of breweries, Consumption of alcoholic beverages, Registration of sake as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, World Expo 2025 in Osaka, etc.

Webinar #2

  • JSS activities related to sake export promotion (15 min.)
  • Speaker: Hiromi Iuchi (Senior manager of Overseas operation)

Topics to be covered include: Partnerships with related organizations, Educational activities, Exhibiting at overseas events, Support desks, etc.

Webinar #3

  • About the production status of sake (20 min.)
  • Speaker: Hitoshi Utsunomiya (Director of JSS)

Topics to be covered include: The state of sake production and sake rice, Trends in sake quality, Trends of brewing technicians (seasonal toji, kuramoto toji), etc.

Webinar #4

  • About the domestic sake market (15 min.)
  • Speaker: Shuso Imada (General manager of JSS Information Center)

Topics to be covered include: Trends in the sake market, Sales licenses, Market share by types of liquor stores, the influence of COVID-19 on the market, etc.

MC and Comment

  • John Gauntner (Sake journalist, Founder of Sake Industry News)

Thank you for participating in this seminar

The documents of the seminar:Other Relevant Data | JSS (japansake.or.jp)

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