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Japanese Sake: Service and Knowledge Sake Manual PDF Release

The Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association is excited to announce the online PDF release of the “Japanese Sake: Service and Knowledge” guidebook in English! The original edition was first released in 1991 and explains in detail about the characteristics of sake, how to serve sake, food pairing, and more. The guidebook is a must-have and recommended resource for all sake enthusiasts such as sommeliers, distributors, chefs in Japanese restaurants, and even educators in wine & sake schools. The English version was released in the hopes of helping people who are teaching and serving sake in the world and also to spread the awareness, knowledge, and the joys of sake around the world.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Sake Classified into 4 Types

An introduction to the 4 types of sake that includes ‘aromatic sake’, ‘light and smooth sake’, ‘full-bodied sake’, and ‘matured sake’. This section provides more detailed explanations about how their characteristics are defined based on aroma and flavor.

Chapter 2: Serving Sake

A guide to the principles, etiquette, and overall guidelines when serving and drinking sake. This section covers many important aspects that include the serving temperature, serving vessels, serving timing, and more.

Chapter 3: Pairing Sake and Food

A look into the compatibility of sake with different types of food and how certain pairings influence the palate. This section provides a more in-depth analysis of how sake pairs with French, Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine, and also its compatibility with different sauces.

Chapter 4: Drinking Sake

A showcase of the many ways to drink sake from altering the sake to mixing. This section provides a list of popular cocktails and compatibility with different liqueurs based on the 4 classified sake types.

Chapter 5: Storing Sake

A brief dive into the main points for sake management. The section includes helpful tips for purchasing sake, choosing product ranges, and storing sake.

PDF Download

To get your copy of the digital PDF version of “Japanese Sake: Service and Knowledge”, click the link below!

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