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Sake Stylists introduce you of various ways of enjoying and tasting of Japanese Sake.

  • Instructor

    Ritsuko Shimada

    TV, Radio Personnel/ Essayist
  • She is active on TV and a radio as well as writing essays about health, beauty and child care. Since 2001, she has become very active as a “Sake Stylist”, a title approved by JSS and a member of “Let’s Kanpai with Sake! Committee”. She also hosts “Sake & bio table Girls only gathering”

  • Instructor

    Makiko Tejima

    Food Culture Researcher
  • She studied dinning design in Paris, France. In 1992, she established her own company “Saishoku Kenbi, Co.” in Harajuku, Tokyo, to introduce a new style of food/ dinning to the society. She performs lifestyle suggestion on coordinates and consultation of the dining scenes and a new way of enjoying sake. She deals with a lot of projects of the local activation, using local resources, and introducing sake culture to the foreign countries.

  • Instructor

    Terumi Kobata

    Administrative dietitian,
    Sports dietician
  • She performs nourishment advices to wide ranged people from top athletes and businessmen to examinees. She also plays an active part in the media such as TV or the magazines. Her dishes are simple and fashionable with great nourishment balance. They are so delicious that they are extremely popular. She deals with product developments like 30,000 meals of sports lunches, which were sold out in 10 days, or local meals using ingredients from each place.

  • Instructor

    Noritake Kanzaki

    Folklorist, Head of Institute of the Culture of Travel
  • Member of the Council for Cultural Affairs Guest Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture. Chief Priest of Usa Hachiman Shrine, Okayama Prefecture.
    Major publications : Ethnography of Japanese contract – San-san-ku-do, the Exchange of Nuptial Cups Sake no Nihon bunka (Sake and Japanese Culture)

Sake Basic Course

  • We introduce you the basic information and knowledge of Sake.

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