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Sake set

It's also fun to choose a drinking cup for sake.

The basic vessels for sake are the tokkuri (decanter) and choko (cup). Made from a wide variety of materials, including ceramics, glass, tin, wood, and lacquerware, each material imparts a different impression of the sake's flavor. Many of these vessels showcase the best of Japan's traditional handicrafts.

    • Tokkuri,Choko
      A sake decanter with a tapered neck and rounded body is called a tokkuri. Sake is transferred from the bottle, and the tokkuri is used at the table.
    • Masu
      The masu, used as a vessel for sake, was originally a traditional Japanese tool for measuring liquid or grain. Made of Japanese cedar, it infuses the sake with a light aroma of the wood.
    • Kiki-choko
      Choko used in Japanese sake competitions are made of white ceramic and have a blue bullseye pattern on the inside. Check the color of the sake with the white part, and its cloudiness with the blue part of the pattern.
    • Wine Glass
      The shape of a wine glass holds aromas inside the glass, so it makes it easy to appreciate the delicate aromas of sake.
    • Katakuchi(Lipped Bowl)
    • Kiriko (Faceted Glass)
  • Depending on the restaurant, you may be allowed to choose your own choko (sake cup). In other cases, the restaurant may provide the best drinking glass for you, to match with the sake you've chosen.