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DHC Shuzo


Kayama, Yuuten
Koshi no Bairi


Representative Midori Miyazaki
Address 1-6-1, Kayama, Kita Ku, Niigata Shi, Niigata Ken, 950-3322, Japan
TEL +81-25-387-2025
FAX +81-25-387-3702
Foundation(year) 1908
HP http://www.bairi.net/
E-MAIL dhcshuzo@dhc.co.jp


This sake brewery has been making sake in Kita-ku, Niigata City (formerly Toei City) for over 100 years. In 2014, it became a member of the DHC Group and was reborn as DHC Sake Brewery. The brewery's goal is to create sake that is rooted in the local community, and 100% of the rice is grown in Niigata Prefecture. Since its establishment in 1908, the brewery has been using modern facilities with skilled techniques and traditional manufacturing methods to produce sake with a focus on freshness.We continue to pursue even more delicious sake by acquiring "Kosher" certification, which has a 450-year history as a system that guarantees food safety.


You can enjoy tasting and shopping at the tourist store "Echigo-no-Sato Kayama-Tei" adjacent to the sake brewery.Visitors are welcome to use the restroom only.10:00-17:00 (closed mainly on Thursdays), 11-minute walk from JR Toyosaka Station.
Storehouse tours are available for a minimum of four people; please consult with us at least one month in advance of the desired date.



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