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Kinoshita Shuzou




Representative Yoshihito Kinoshita
Address 1512, Kumihamacho Koyama, Kyotango Shi, Kyoto Fu, 629-3442, Japan
TEL +81-772-82-0071
FAX +81-772-82-1770
Foundation(year) 1842
HP http://www.sake-tamagawa.com/
E-MAIL tamagawa@sake-tamagawa.com


We have inherited the "Tamagawa" sake brewing since 1842 (Tempo 13th year of the Emperor's reign). Currently, Englishman Philip Harper is the toji (a chief sake maker), and his abundance of imagination and challenging sake brewing techniques have created new fans. In particular, the "Natural Brewing" series, brewed with the power of microorganisms living in the brewery without the addition of pure cultured yeast or lactic acid, produces sake that can be said to be the foundation and character of Tamagawa. Tamagawa's main theme is "maturity" and we cherish the mystical process of transforming sake into matured sake from the moment it is born as "Shiboritate" and work hard every day to brew sake that will give our customers a deep emotional experience through all five senses and time axis.


The sales store attached to the brewery is open from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekends and holidays (except January 1).
Visitors can enjoy tasting and shopping for regular, seasonal, and brewery-exclusive sake.
If you visit the store in a group of 10 or more people, please make a reservation in advance (through the website or by phone).



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